Questions to ponder on the Nature of Portraiture!

Questions to Ponder on the Nature of Portraiture…..


  1. What is meant by the “Faciality” of Western culture?  Do you agree with this characterization?  Why or why not?
  2. In what way does a portrait embody or model virtue?  When does this function of portraiture wane?
  3. In what way do portraiture and biography form a double helix?  And aren’t you impressed that I know what a double helix is?!
  4. What effect did the booming business of psychology have on portraiture?
  5. What is the danger of reading a man’s character from his portrait?  Is physiognomy destiny?  When does the skill of the artist tip the balance in the appreciation of portraiture?
  6. The portrait in not only about the body and face, but also about the mind and character of the subject.  Discuss!
  7. What is the duality of likeness and type?
  8. What would Descartes say about all this?  Wherein lies identity?  It’s the old mind-body problem again!
  9. What is caricature and when does it originate?
  10.  What was the  “New Objectivity” project?  What is the impact of photography on the art of portraiture?

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