Questions about “Figuring Forth the Body of Christ” by David Aers

Questions on Aers


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  1. Question 6:
    The Lollards objected to the veneration of the Cross because they understood it as a sign of “institutional power” (10). Aers also explains that “The models of Christ’s humanity that the Lollards found in the Gospels encouraged images of Christian communities strongly opposed to current religious institutions, practices and sacralized order” (10). The Lollards seemed to find the veneration of the Cross to be a barrier to forming a real, deep relationship with Christ. They thought that power should be with God/Christ, not the people that ran religious institutions. Aers’s discussion of the public floggings of the Lollards as imitatio reminds me of the importance of imagination to medieval spirituality (Worth). Perhaps those in power thought that putting the Lollards in situations that Christ was in would make them more Christ-like.

  2. That is an interesting way of looking at the Church’s reaction to the Lollards. I’m pretty sure they just wanted to “beat their beliefs out of them,” but I very much like the idea of a back door to the Imitatio Christi. The Lollards have a good point, though. How far is venerating the cross from tree worship, etc. I agree that Worth is a wonderful antidote to this type of thinking!

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