Questions for Ashley’s article on the Battle of the Sexes in Greek and Roman Art

1) Romans vs. Greeks: Why were Roman women allowed to show some individuality in their homes, while Greek arts shows suppression?
2) What do you think of Silberberg-Pierce’s statement declaring that Roman women were great patrons of the arts?  Do you agree that roman women had full power to decorate their homes?
3) “In second century AD, sculpted funerary portrait from the Villa Albani Rome, female painter is depicted holding pots of paint and working with a young male nude model.”  How does this power translate to you? It’s interesting that the female painter is allowed to work with a male nude model. Is it a possible fictional moment?
4) On the 2nd to last paragragh, the author states that: “There are an affirmation of the significant role played by women in Roman culture and proof that their authentic voice was heard within the home.”  Do you agree that this was their “authentic” voice? Or rather, is it a “culturally authenic” voice?

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