Questions for article about Instruments in Antiquity

  1. The author mentions materials that provide evidence to the analysis of music iconography: writings by ancient authors, inscriptions on monuments, visual sources, and archaeological finds of ancient musical instruments. Do you agree with her? Which material do you think is the most supportive to identify the specific shape of the instrument? (33)
  2. Can you think of some works that include depictions of musical instruments? What does the instrument represent in the piece? Why did the artist choose to portray the instrument?
  3. How do you understand the author’s argument that ‘the true connotations of represented instruments remain obscure’? (38)
  4. Do you agree with the statement that ‘depicting real instruments…link an unspecific scenic composition to a specific chronological location’? Why? (39)
  5. What do you think are the positive (or negative) output of studying iconography of musical instruments?

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