Questions about Medusa and her roots!

1. How does Medusa’s suffering as a victim play a role in the way she is depicted?
2. Why does the author believe so many cultures describing and rendering Medusa as a monster?
3. What is the significance of the snake and the bird in Medusa’s representation? What cultures/other works of art are being drawn from?
4. Why is Medusa’s gaping mouth so important? What does this signal about the cultures that used the gaping mouth? What is the author’s argument about the tomb and womb? (39)
5. How does Medusa symbolize “birth, death, and rebirth?” (33).
6. Why does the author believe the artists began to portray all of Medusa’s figure instead of just her head? (37).
7. Let’s discuss the last paragraph. How is Medusa an example of a women who has been robbed of her power? How does this relate to the rape in the Temple of Athena?


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