Crystalline Wombs and Pregnant Hearts

Here are Gala’s questions!
To what does the term “pregnant hearts” refer? What is the conceptual and material connection between this and the crystal wombs?

What was the significance of “sudden transparence” in monastic life and how did this influence their understanding of spiritual devotion?

Unpack the visions of Henry Suso and Gertrude of Helfta. What makes these visions, respectively, particularly relevant to an analysis of Visitation Group?

What, ultimately, is Jung’s argument concerning the function of Visitation Group within the Katharinenthal Convent? What, within the evidence that she provides, is most convincing to you?


2 responses

  1. Pregnant hearts relates to the old, anatomically incorrect assumption that the heart was the center of your being. Hearts and pregnancy were linked in the Middle Ages, with some believing that fetuses were nourished with blood that became breast milk after birth. Jung says that monks and nuns understood pregnancy in these terms, and since the heart was the essence of being, it was possible to have a spiritual pregnancy from the Lord. Since Jung argues that the description of “crystal” in appears so frequently in visions, Mary and Elizabeth are being represented with divine, spiritual pregnancies (even though both are really pregnant).

  2. 3) Suso’s visions are relative to the Visitation Group because they both agree on the conflation of glorified hearts. The article states that after examination when Suso was death his heart resembled an artfully shaped stone similar to many saintly women such as Virgin Mary.

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