Art of the Middle Ages

I will take a backseat to our discussion leaders, but here are just a few queries to get the ball started!
1. According to Kingsley, what is the connection between gift giving and memory in the Middle Ages?
2. What are some of the ideas we discussed in the bronze doors at Hildesheim reflected in the frontispiece of the Bernward Gospels?
3. In what ways is Mary the door to Paradise?
4. Think of any one of the images “deconstructed” in this article (the curtain, for example) and explain how it functions as a mnemonic device.
5. What do all of Bernward’s gifts signify? What are the fate of these gifts after Bernward’s death?
In the article on portraiture:
1. Why wasn’t mimetic likeness as important in the Middle Ages as it was in the Renaissance?
2. What was the significance of The Secret of Secrets? The lesson learned from Hippocrates’ physiognomy?
3. How did medieval authors speak about portraits? Why do you think they had a devotional quality that almost rivaled religious images?
4. What were some of the “alternative” methods of portraiture in the medieval period? (We now know where “worth his weight in gold” comes from….) Does mimetic likeness replace heraldic codes of identity?
5. Can you draw any parallels between Bernward and Christine de Pizan and Isabeau of Bavaria?


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