Monument List I

Art 202   Selected Medieval Monument Study Guide  D.  Sadler



Domus Ecclesiae, Dura Europos  231  Christian Meeting House

Baptistery (Yale) and frescoes from Synagogue thereof

Rome, Catacombs

meeting house/titulus


Catacombs:      Coemeterium Maius, Christ as Good Shepherd, 3rd c.

                  Priscilla, Christ as Good Shepherd

                  Callisto (Callixtus), Eucharistic Fish and Bread, 3rd. c.

                  Priscilla, Donna Velata, 3rd.c.

                  Priscilla, Three Hebrews in Fiery Furnace

                  Priscilla, Mother and Child

Peter and Marcellinus:  Agape Meal, Noah and the Ark, Susanna and

                  the Elders, late 3rd.c.

Jonah marble statues from Asia Minor, 3rd. c., Cleveland Museum of Art

Sarcophogai:  Good Shepherd sarcophagus, Lateran Museum 4thc.

                  Jonah sarcophagus, late 3rdc.

                  Junius Bassus sarcophagus, Vatican, 359

                  Sarcophagus from S. Maria Antiqua, 3rd. c.

Christ/Helios from Mausoleum of Julii, mosaic, 3rd. c.

Palace of Diocletian, Split, Yugoslavia (peristyle court, fastigium)

The Age of Constantine: 

         Rome, St. John’s in the Lateran (S. Giovanni Laterano, c. 320)

         Rome, Old St. Peter’s c. 324-330

         Rome, St. Paul’s outside the walls

         Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity

         Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre c. 325-326

         Rome, Sta. Costanza c. 350

Tetrarchs c. 305

Bust of Constantine

Triumphal Arch of Constantine c. 312

Obelisk of Theodosius c. 390 (Constantinople)

Missorium of Theodosius c. 388


         Brescia Casket c. 370

         Diptych of Symmachus

         Poet and Muse, c. 500

         Consular diptych of Anastasius c. 517

         Guards and Women at the Tomb of Christ, Milan ivory c. 400

         Barberini Ivory—Anastasius or Justinian?

         Archangel Michael c. 519

         Throne of Maximian, ivory over wood, 545-553


Manuscripts:  (roll and codex)

         Quedlinburg Itala fragment

         Vatican Virgil, Georgics, Sack of Troy

         Roman Virgil, Ecologues, Georgics

         Vienna Dioscurides, De Materia medica 512, Anicia Juliana, portrait of Dioscurides, portrait of the 7 physicians, portrait of author & artist at work

         Vienna Genesis, Rebecca and Eliezar at the Well, Temptation of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, Jacob vs. the angel…

         Rossano Gospels, St. Mark, Raising of Lazarus, Christ before Pilate

         Rabbula Gospels, Canon Tables, Ascension, Crucifixion, and Pentecost (586)

5th century Rome:

         S. Maria Maggiore, 432-440, mosaics—Stoning of Moses, Crossing the Red Sea, the Parting of Lot and Abraham, Infancy of Christ, etc.

         S. Sabina, 422-432, wood doors!

Ravenna:           Mausoleum of Galla Placidia c. 425-450

                  Baptistery of the Orthodox, c. 475

                  Arian Baptistery

The Age of Justinian:

                  S. Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, male and female martyrs and miracles and Passion of Christ (Holy Women at the Tomb), 556-565

                  S. Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna, 549  The Transfiguration

                  S. Vitale, Ravenna, 527-548 (Justinian, Theodora, Maximian)

Constantinople:          Hagia Sophia, 532-537

                           SS. Sergius and Bacchus


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