Cool Medieval Blogs

Burnable BooksBurnable Books
See you in Reykjavik? New Chaucer Society 2014 Call for Papers

Fie Upon This Quiet Life: I Want Work
Random thoughts in paragraph form

In the Middle
Having to Stretch, Having Room: A Voyage of Brendan Lesson

Fugelso reviews Resonances: Historical Essays on Continuity and Change

Beyond Borders
Material and Meaning: Umbrian Verres Églomisés

The Heroic Age
FIEC Congress

Modern Medieval
Our own Orientalism: Why Medievalists are Complicit when Manuscripts Burn and Ruins Crumble

Listening to the Book: Medieval Music Manuscripts

Medieval Illumination
Volvelles, star maps and lunar atlas

Material Collective
The Doge and I

The Adventures of Notorious Ph.D., Girl Scholar
Why I’m Never Lecturing on the Norman Conquest Again (an accidental defense of the lecture format)

In Romaunce as We Rede . . .
Mischief Managed, Part the First

Blue Humanities Blog – Thalassology, Shakespeare, and Swimming.
Internal Waves off Trinidad

Oneportaltown’s Blog
Mme. de Pompadour as Patron of the arts!

Fluid Imaginings
Stay Tuned for 2013

Literally falling down a flight of stairs

Mostly Medieval:Images and Reflections

Vaulting and Vellum
Pedagogy, Bias, and an Entirely Unrelated Amusing Internet Video

Got Medieval
Medieval Batman Cosplay Worth the Click-Through

Le Prof & La Potiche
A winner, and a farewell…..

Bacchanal in the Library

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog
A Long Tyme Agoon in a Shire Far Away

Postcolonising the Medieval Image
Looking forward …

The Roving Medievalist
St. Lorenz, Nuremberg

Digital Medievalist


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