Women in the 18th century!

1.  What are some of the outcomes associated with women’s admission to the Academy?  What are some of the ironies about this turn of events?

2. Why was the Academie de Saint-Luc founded?  Why did it “fold?”

3.  How did the English Academy differ from the French one?  Did the membership of Kauffmann and Moser in the academy work against them in a way?

4.  What role did women play in the urban intelligentia?  How did this social institution help women outside the aristocracy?

5.  Do you feel that Francoise Duparc’s paintings convey a moral message?

6.  What strikes you as unusual about the oeuvre of Vallayer-Coster?

7.  What does Chadwick mean when she says that Vigee-LeBrun and Labille-Guiard manipulate their brushstrokes to emphasize gender? (p. 160)  Do you agree?

8.  How does the Cult of Motherhood influence the style and content of works of this period?

9.  What do you make of the rivalry between Labille-Guiard and Vigee-LeBrun? Do you find this problematic?


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