The Italian Renaissance: Discuss among yourselves!

1.  What were the ingredients in Bologna that made it so conducive to women artists? Did Caterina Vigri have to become a nun….?

2.  Properzia de’ Rossi’s career is amazing.  What do you think about the image of Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife from c. 1520?

3.  Think about the career of Lavinia Fontana in light of that of Sofonisba Anguissola.  What parallels do you see?  What divergences?  Consider the commemorative medal struck by the city for her and comment upon the image and its significance.

4.  How does Elisabetta Sirani fit into the picture of Renaissance painters and what is striking about the subjects she portrayed?

5. Fede Galizia is noted in particular for her contribution to the genre of still life.  Consider her work and compare it to the advances made by Giovanna Garzoni in this realm.

6.  Make way for Artemesia!!!


One response

  1. I was very surprised by the importance of Bologna, I would have never guessed that. I’m excited to discuss the different factors that created a favorable environment for women artists.

    “Artemisia Gentileschi, a painter whose life and work are a challenge to humanist constructions of feminine education and deportment” (105). Wow. That’s intense. I’d like to talk about what she did that was so disruptive.

    “Unlike the self-portraits of Anguissola discussed in the previous chapter, here, for the first time, a woman artist does not present herself s a gentlewoman, but as the act of painting itself” (113). Again, wow! That’s powerful! How women choose to frame themselves in self-portraits is important and here is one that is disruptive of the cannon. Go Artemisia!

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