It’s time to Select a Seminar Topic!

Seminar Topics to Ponder for Art 304:  Suggestions Only!

Thematic Studies:

Investigate a subject that interests you from the material covered in this course.  For example, you may wish to explore the role of woman as model, muse or maker.  You could research the status of the woman artist or patron during a certain period such as the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.  How was the role of the artist affected by the conditions under which she lived? Trace the rise of Still-Life painting in the North, etc.!

Artistic Personalities:

Choose your favorite woman artist and discuss her evolution as an artist.  Whether you are drawn to Hildegard von Bingen or Judith Leyster or Cindy Sherman, try to assess her art from a feminist perspective. What issues confronted her during her training, her access to the public, and the latter’s opinion of her during her lifetime and (if she is deceased) after?  Where does she fit in the history of art?  Try to focus on a limited number of her works in order to provide a substantive analysis.

Art and Gender:

Among the major issues in this course is the underlying question regarding creativity:  is the latter gendered?  Attack this question!  For example, consider the idea of quilting as a subversive and ultimately political act.  Discuss the genre of female self-portraiture.  What is wrong with the concept of the masterpiece?   Etc.!


5 responses

  1. I am doing research on the patronage of Louis Vuitton and their contemporary Asian artists who discuss gender in their work. For example, I will be researching artists Yasumasa Morimura, Yayoi Kusama, Chen Wenbo, Ni HaiFang, and Takashi Murakami.

  2. I’d like to research the far too frequent scenes of heroic rape. I haven’t narrowed it down much yet, but I’m interested in what the artists depicting these scenes are trying to achieve and the emphasized power dynamics which result from them.

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